Graphisoft Registered Consultant: 3 Day Course & Certification Evaluation

BIM Training for Graphisoft Registered Consultant: 3 Day Course & Certification Evaluation offered by MultiBIM | MultiCad

Graphisoft ArchiCad Accredited Trainer - RegCon - Reseller

Accredited Trainer – RegCon – Reseller

Training Certification now available

MultiBIM | MultiCad is proud to be accredited as Certified Trainer by GRAPHISOFT SA as pert of the initiative in the ArchiCAD SADC Broad Based Market Development Program:

Certified Training


Basic Course Outlines:

  1. Graphisoft Registered Consultant: 3 Day Course & Certification Evaluation:

The Graphisoft Registered Consultants Program provides a globally unique methodology to help architectural firms migrating from traditional 2D workflows to Building Information Modelling. Graphisoft have accredited 3 in-house staff members of TotalCAD SOLUTION CENTRE, to provide onsite and online implementation support for local firms.

  Intent of the session
To familiarize users with the Graphisoft Registered Consultant tasks and aspects of ArchiCAD.

  Outcomes of training Users should be able to work and manage in a teamwork large project environment on all advanced aspects of ArchiCad as well as other software for collaboration purposes

  Prerequisite knowledge for training: ArchiCAD Series 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 training


  1. Graphisoft Registered Consultant: 3 Day Course & Certification Evaluation:

    Teaching and Learning Process

    The training is to be run by an instructor with students or users following the instructor at their own workstation. The PDF guide is to be followed in conjunction with the training video. Series 5 of the training guide should take around 12 hours to complete.


    The registered consultants at TotalCAD are all experienced ArchiCAD trainers, supporters and evaluators. They can assist you in any or all of the following 6 categories to improve your companies ArchiCAD productivity:

    1. Evaluation of Practice
    2. Human Resource evaluation
    3. Project Setup, Project Workflows
    4. Project Management
    5. Best Practices

    INTIGRATION of ARCHICAD for Architectural Studios

    1. Preparations

    1.1 Office Evaluation Questionnaire

    2.2 Selecting the Pilot Project

    2. Human Resources

    2.1 Structure of the Teams

    2.2 Roles & Responsibilities

    2.3 Setting up the Project Team

    3. Project Setup

    3.1 Project Templates

    3.2 Project Structure

    3.3 Element Attributes

    3.4 Libraries

    4. Project Workflows

    4.1 Project Lifecycle

    4.2 Creating the Design Model

    4.3 Sharing the work

    4.4 Teamwork

    4.5 Hotlink Modules

    4.6 XREF

    4.7 Combined workflow

    4.8 Coordination (DXF-DWG / IFC / Structural Design Analysis and Production / Energy Analysis)

    5. Project Management

    5.1 Folder Hierarchy

    5.2 IT Infrastructure

    5.3 Data Safety

    5.4 Printing and Plotting

    5.5 Updates & upgrades

    6. Best Practices

    6.1 Large Projects

    6.2 Speed Issues

    6.3 Implementing ArchiCAD in a Large Firm

    6.4 Project Sharing Strategies

    6.5 Managing Design Options

    6.5.1 Design Options in the Main File

    6.5.2 Design Options in External File

    6.6 Creating Custom ArchiCAD Installers

    6.7 Cleaning ArchiCAD Preferences

    6.8 Enabling the ArchiCAD Special Menu

    6.9 Project Recovery

    6.10 WIBU-Key Server Monitor & Logging

    6.11 Crash Detection and Troubleshooting



    Additional Material / Resources


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