ArchiCAD Training Series Vol. 2 – Basic ArchiCAD

BIM Training for ArchiCAD Training Series Vol. 2 – Basic ArchiCAD offered by MultiBIM | MultiCad

Graphisoft ArchiCad Accredited Trainer - RegCon - Reseller

Accredited Trainer – RegCon – Reseller

Training Certification now available

MultiBIM | MultiCad is proud to be accredited as Certified Trainer by GRAPHISOFT SA as pert of the initiative in the ArchiCAD SADC Broad Based Market Development Program:

Certified Training


Basic Course Outlines:

  1. ArchiCAD Training Series Vol. 2 – Basic ArchiCAD:

    Intent of the session 
    To familiarize users with ArchiCAD’s basic modelling and documentation tools and techniques at an in-depth level.

    Outcomes of training 
    Users should be able to use all of the basic ArchiCAD construction elements (walls, doors, windows, curtain walls, roofs,etc). Users should be familiar with the highlighted tools and methods.

    Prerequisite knowledge for training : ArchiCAD Series 1 training / previous ArchiCAD knowledge


  1. ArchiCAD Training Series Vol. 2 – Basic ArchiCAD:

    Teaching and Learning Process

    The training is to be run by an instructor with students or users following the instructor at their own workstation. The PDF guide is to be followed in conjunction with the training videos. Series 2 of the training guide should take around 12 hours to complete.


    ArchiCAD Series 2 builds on the knowledge acquired in Series 1 exploring most of Series 1 Highlights in greater depth.

    The ArchiCAD Interface – opening projects, toolbars, Menus, Navigator, 2D Project Navigation,3D Navigation, Curtain Wall tools, Doors,Windows, Creating Stories, Stairs, Dimensioning, Elevations, Sections, Libraries and Placing Objects, Merging plans, 3D documents, Layouts, Project Info,Visualisation (rendering) and exporting to PDF.

    Curtain Wall – creation, 3D editing, custom panels.
    Doors – placement, introduction to basic settings and mirroring door openings in walls. Stairs – placement, creating a custom stair,
    Dimensioning – placement,Automatic Dimensioning, inserting new dimension points, Sections and Elevations – placement, dimensioning, background images,
    3D Documents – creation of 3D document, dimensioning, etc
    Layouts-placing &resizingViews,


    Additional Material / Resources
    There are 9 videos (total running time = ±36 minutes) covering the Series 2 contents:

    1. 4:34 – Introduction
    2. 4:25-TheCurtainWallTool
    3. 3:15-InteriorWalls
    4. 1:56 – Doors
    5. 5:42-Stories, Flat-roofs, Stairs
    6. 4:32 – Dimensioning
    7. 4:45 – Sections & Elevations
    8. 3:22 – Merging Plans, 3D documents,etc
    9. 3:32 – Layouts & Publishing

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