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Did you miss NAB?

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GIS file accessibility

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This post on the new features of ArchiCAD 17, is shared with our clients and readers via Graphisoft SA’s blog

ArchiCAD events: Bloemfontein

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ArchiCAD 17 is available

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ArchiCAD events: Cape Town

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Guest Book

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Please Sign our Guest Book & give your Feedback?

Guest Book feedback

We want to invite you to give us your opinion, feedback, wishes and suggestions.
It is our aim to serve your needs as best we can.
You can help us to do this even better by communicating with us here about:

  • Do we deliver the services you require from us? Please tell us where we can add or make change to give you services that will enhance your experience & productivity with your software and tools.
  • Are we efficient, on time and comprehensive with our support services?
  • Does the content of your web site satisfy your requirements for relevant information? We wish to make  the one-stop place for you to get answers to all your questions.
  • We appreciate and welcome constructive criticism. We need to be aware of possible problems you might have so that we can get to the solutions for any issues?
  • Equally important is that we know where we are doing things right.Your expressed appreciation not only keeps us motivated but also helps us to know what to change and what not to change.
  • Any other feedback and suggestions you want to add to make work a better place for yourself and others.

We thank you for your input and co-operation and look forward to working with and for you, our valued customers and users.